Crowd-sourcing for memories about buildings and places

The “Nikkilä Memories” project was initiated when the Finnish municipality of Sipoo wanted to increase appreciation of the surroundings, places and old buildings in their village of Nikkilä and to compile supplementary information for their cultural heritage investigation initiative. These were tasks that required intensive resident involvement.

To get adequate input, Sipoo’s planners decided to use social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest and our map-based questionnaire tool Maptionnaire to collect residents’ memories and assessments of culturally significant sites and buildings.

The Maptionnaire survey they designed allowed people to freely mark their memories or upload their own pictures of places on a map of Nikkilä as well as to learn about old buildings and cultural landscapes to assess their importance. The survey platform also allowed respondents to discover other people’s memories.

In total, the survey attracted approximately 200 residents to give their feedback. The gathered insight has been used to give exposure to historic buildings and cultural landscapes in the village and as background information in future development work in the village. The memories and photos from Nikkilä will also be published in a book.

Picture: Screenshot taken from the survey

Picture: Screenshot taken from the survey