Maptionnaire Tech News: New Pages & Updates to the Analysis Tool

The development team at Maptionnaire has been hard at work (as always). Here are the latest and greatest improvements and developments in the software. 

A Summary Page for Layer Questions

There are some handy improvements in the response data download.  There is now a summary page for Layer questions - similar to the summaries that already exist for Drawbutton questions. This summary let's you get a quick overview of the responses in your Hand-drawn layers.

Summary Layer Questions - Maptionnaire Tech News August (1).png

Improvements in Respondent Uploads & Comments and Reporting

There are also new pages for respondent uploads and comments. The “Respondent upload” page contains a link to the uploaded file and both pages also contain the geo-location information in WKT-format for easy integration into your GIS workflow.

Respondent Uploads - Maptinnaire Tech News August (2).png

If you are using our reporting feature, there is a new page in the data download that contains links to all the reports that were generated for the questionnaire.

Better Analysis with Maptionnaire

Finally, the analysis tool has gotten a new useful filter. You can now choose to view only responses from respondents that have completed the questionnaire, i.e. respondents that have clicked on the "Done" button at the end of the questionnaire. You can select this filter in the filter dialog for filtering all questions.

Better Analysis - Maptionnaire Tech News August (4).png

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