Tech News – Easier In-Survey Map Views, Strong Passwords, and More

We are always busy enhancing the Maptionnaire experience. Here are a few updates on recent improvements.

Keeping Respondents Focused Now Easier

Maptionnaire offers survey managers the possibility to define individual map views (location and zoom level) for separate survey pages. This is useful when you, for example, wish to ask questions about different locations in your questionnaire and don’t want your respondents to get lost on the map.

If they still do, it’s now easy for them to find their way back. We added a new button that will appear in surveys with separate in-survey map views. Clicking the button will take respondents back to the pre-set location. The button is greyed out on pages that are not linked to a specific map view, and it’s not visible at all in surveys that don’t use this feature.

The new button will appear below the zoom buttons.

The new button will appear below the zoom buttons.

Survey Landing Pages Load Faster

Long and content-rich surveys used to slightly slow down the opening of a survey link. We improved this experience by making all landing pages load immediately, regardless of the survey’s length. The survey contents will start loading in the background while the respondents are browsing through the landing page information.

Strong Passwords Required

We are now requiring stronger passwords to ensure all accounts and shared information within a user group stay safe. This is effective starting immediately for new accounts and password changes with existing accounts. If you are not sure about the quality of your current password, we strongly recommend you change it to comply with our new security standards. This enhancement is part of the measures we are taking while preparing for the enforcement of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Bug Fixes

We’ve solved an issue where respondents have not been able to draw on top of certain map layers. Now drawing routes and polygons will work the same no matter what’s on the map.

We have also fixed a minor layout issue where adding a drawbutton to a survey page automatically shrinks the page to a certain width. Now it’s no longer a visual problem to include a wide multiple-choice question element and a drawbutton on the same survey page.

We hope these improvement will make your work with Maptionnaire easier. More things are coming later this year – make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to hear about them first!

Happy Mapping!