New Feature: Embed Videos into Questionnaires

Engaging with the public is always communication that works two ways. At Maptionnaire, we are constantly striving to broaden the ways you can apply our platform to nourish great dialogues.

We have just introduced a new questionnaire element type - the video element. This means you can now embed videos into questionnaires, eg. Youtube and Vimeo. And it's easy: in the editor, simply add the element to your questionnaire, select the type (YouTube or Vimeo) and insert the video ID.

You can find the video ID of a YouTube or Vimeo video by selecting the "Share" option and copying the ID from the end of the link that is provided. The links look like this: or

Using videos can help you convey the key concepts of your project in an interesting way or provide a summary of what has been done before.

Put your creative hat on and try it out!