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Crowdsource citizen insight on maps
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Maptionnaire is a SaaS for creating your own map-based questionnaires and civic participation platforms easily.

Collect data


use Maptionnaire:


to get from ideas to insight in 4 easy steps?

Create a map-based questionnaire of your own with our brilliant editor

Collect data: Use cases range from highly structured research to open brainstorming

Analyze and report: Online in Maptionnaire or using your software of choice

Discuss and learn: Promote discussion by publishing the results in Maptionnaire


For mapping local insight.

It makes your planning process smoother.
Export data:
All results can be exported to any planning or GIS software.
In the cloud:
No installation needed.
Locate places, area, and routes accurately and unambiguously.
Beautiful maps:
Use your own or choose from our selection.
Versatile editor:
Lots of question types, multilingual, collaborative.
Use your own colours, pics, and logos.
Supports all devices.
Great to use also with mobile phones and tablets.
Visualize results:
Our in-browser analysis tool transforms your data into neat maps and graphs.

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You can buy access to Maptionnaire on a per-project basis or as a continuous service. Dedicated user support always included!

We have carried out map-based questionnaire research, participatory projects, and consultation for over ten years, and we’d love to share our experience with you. Our expert consulting services:

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