What is Maptionnaire?

Maptionnaire is a map-based survey tool which facilitates simple and effective public participation. The online questionnaire editor allows for the independent creation, customization and publishing of survey projects. Maptionnaire enables planners and researchers to collect, analyze and visualize map-based data, as well as citizens to co-design project areas and express their preferences and opinions.

How Maptionnaire works

Create Questionnaires

Begin your own map-based data collection to simplify the participation workflow.

Engage Residents

Reduce barriers to participation and collect constructive feedback that enables you to build trust in your project.

Interpret results

Transform data into tangible insights and develop a deeper understanding of your results.

Make planning smarter

Incorporate data collected using Maptionnaire into your plans and designs for creating liveable and lovable environments.


Customer stories



For Urban Planners

Broader reach

Insightful analytics

More successful planning projects

Simple and cost-effective implementation

For Researchers

Made by researchers for researchers

Export to multiple data formats

Multiple question types and survey functionalities

Map-based data collection

Technical properties

Designed for insight

Designed for engagement

Responsive technical team

No installations needed

Maptionnaire has been so good in combining and understanding both, the technical use and the people we want to have a dialog with. I am so happy with the tool. We all are!
— Birgitta Holmström, the City of Stockholm

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