Maptionnaire Training Packages

For those who want to become Maptionnaire experts, these packages will help you in learning to use our tool at its best productivity



We welcome you onboard with Maptionnaire by going through all the essential functionalities of the service. You will learn how to get started with your Maptionnaire account and the survey editor, how to share your questionnaires and collect data, and how to start making sense of the results

(Included in the Continuous Subscription package)


Survey Mastery

Become a true survey champion who can create functional and highly visual Maptionnaire surveys for any situation.

This training is designed to provide you insight in utilizing Maptionnaire's additional survey features such as various types of map layers and pictures in surveys, how to increase informativeness and interactiveness in projects, and more.


Data Basics

This training will provide you with the basics of analyzing and reporting Maptionnaire data.

You will learn how to implement light and descriptive analyses for map-based and non-map-based data by using e.g. Maptionnaire's analysis tool and other GIS software.

The session includes an overview of best practice in interpreting survey results and communicating them onward in reports.


Data Mastery

Develop your GIS skills and deepen your understanding of PPGIS data analyses with this training package.

This package will focus on making the most out of your Maptionnaire dataset by combining different datasets with it and by performing advanced GIS analyses.


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