urban planning features

For urban planners

Broader reach

Engage more individuals and wider groups of people, allowing them to participate at a time that suits them.

Insightful analytics

Analyze residents’ views and implement them in final plans and designs.

More successful planning projects

Reduce risk by engaging people in a positive dialogue from the early phases of planning.

Simple and cost-effective implementation

Save time, money, and resources by moving some of your traditional participation methods to a digital platform.

Share results

Open up the analysis tool for decision makers or the public to interactively analyse the results.

Present your own data

Present future plans of the area by overlaying your sketches over the base-map.

Beautiful base maps

We have hand picked a selection of beautiful map styles for you to use in your project.

Add custom branding

Customize the look of your questionnaire with your own colors, pictures, and logos.

Show alternative solutions

Allow respondents to switch between different planning drafts  and pick their preferred one.

Foster discussion around the project

Allow the respondent to view (or even comment on) the previously made map responses by other residents.

Embrace digitalisation and create usable data

Replace unreliable paper-based data collection with a trustworthy digital solution that feeds into your planning systems.

Automated reporting

Maptionnaire creates ready-made reports that drive awareness and action in your project.

for researchers

For researchers

Made by researchers for researchers

Our strong research background helps us to understand your needs for data quality, integrity, and stability.

Export to multiple data formats

Export Maptionnaire response data for use in your analysis tool of choice, or use our API to integrate with third party services.

Multiple question types and survey functionalities

Build a dynamic questionnaire using a diverse selection of question types, including those which ask respondents to draw onto or identify points on a map.

Map-based data collection

Easily collect and categorize location-based data collected from your respondents.

Use points, lines and polygons

Use points, lines and polygons – Select an icon and color per marker, and assign a category and related further questions.

Re-usable survey elements

Reuse previously built survey pages to easily maintain data comparability.

Questionnaire branching

Branch your questionnaire based on respondent’s earlier survey response.

Password protection

Dictate who is able to answer to your questionnaire by using password protection on your survey.

Question types

Use a wide selection of standard question types as well as location based question types that let respondents place markers, draw lines and outline areas on the map.

Conditional and mandatory questions

Decide which questions are mandatory and which optional.

Integrated online analysis tool

Make quick and simple visualisations of your data. Filter the data, create heatmaps, and access the location comments.

Detailed questionnaire metadata

Know which basemap the respondent has used, how much time was used in the questionnaire, and how large a device was being used.

Technical properties

Technical properties

Designed for insight

Support for many download data formats and API endpoint for integrating with 3rd party tools.

Designed for engagement

Maptionnaire provides a user-friendly respondent interface and supports a broad range of devices.

Responsive technical team

Maptionnaire is actively developed based on customer needs.

No installations needed

You can start using Maptionnaire right away. No need for any installation or plugin.

Responsive interface

Intuitive mapping tool that works across devices.

Translation tool

Create multi-language questionnaires easily, and even outsource the translation work to a third party.

Secure hosting

We host all projects on secure cloud hosting & provide a unique url for your project.

Data API access

We provide a response data API endpoint that can be used with, for example, Carto’s geodata visualization service.

Easy-to-use editor

Our interactive questionnaire builder is fast and easy to use. No coding skills are needed.

Use your own maps

Integrate with your WMS server, upload GeoTIFFs and shapefiles, or use geoJSON as interactive map overlays.

Mapbox integration

Use the maps and styles you create in Mapbox with questionnaires.

Awesome support

We value all feedback and ideas, and provide technical support via email & phone. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.