Enabling user-centric green space management

The quality of a city's or region's outdoor environments have a direct impact on community liveability, and they can help increase well-being by promoting active lifestyles. In order to design and manage the best parks, trails, and sports areas, there is a constant need to know about how people actually use their local green spaces.

The use of location-based digital tools is an emerging approach to let a large group of people share their experiences about their recreational habits in a useful way.

Researcher Richard le Brasseur from the University of Edinburgh used Maptionnaire to study how people use various green areas in the Finnish capital Helsinki and Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Using an interactive map survey, residents in both areas were asked to point out green spaces and areas they frequently use and tell a little about them. The highly visual questionnaire made it easy for respondents to contribute to the research project.

The data generated from the project has been applied in the design and management of green space systems in Finland and Scotland.