Getting more people to participate in urban planning

Urban management is becoming a more complex challenge for today’s cities. In a world of accelerated urbanization and globalization, affordable housing, public transportation, energy efficiency and social sustainability are just a few examples of the interrelated issues that need careful attention in planning processes. To advance any development project, modern-day urban planners are required to […]

Written by Timo Hämäläinen

Finnish PPGIS advocates at the Participatory Mapping/GIS 2017 Conference in California

The interest in public participation and more effective urban planning tools dates back to the 1970s. Researchers and practitioners had already started to develop applications to support public participation and urban planning. In the 1990s the term “public participation geographic information systems” (PPGIS) was coined at the meetings of the National Center for Geographic Information […]

Written by Maarit Kahila

How to get started with Maptionnaire

Maptionnaire is a SaaS platform which helps residents and urban planners make decisions for superior urban development. The tool’s name combines the words “map” and “questionnaire”, which self-explains what you can do with Maptionnaire: create map-based questionnaires. Both urban planners and researchers can greatly benefit from Maptionnaire’s full-fledged survey capabilities and the ease of location-based […]

Written by Festa Isufi

The perks of digitizing participation methods

The digitalization of participation methods cuts across boundaries of the traditional approach to getting people involved in the future development of their surroundings. Digitalizing these methods has made communication between residents and city administration much easier. Feedback is flowing to city halls even through Facebook and Twitter. Much of this data, however, remains hidden or […]

Written by Festa Isufi