People behind the scenes, who work hard to put the map in Maptionnaire.

Maptionnaire team

Maarit Kahila

Maarit Kahila

Co-founder & CEO
+358 40 562 6951
Anna Broberg

Anna Broberg

Co-founder & COO
+358 50 538 8809
Timo Rüppell

Timo Rüppell

Chief Technology Officer
+358 50 543 7667
Timo Hämäläinen

Timo Hämäläinen

Chief Communications Officer
+358 40 510 0313
Festa Isufi

Festa Isufi

Community Engagement & Sales Lead
+358 44 236 0022
Kirsi Forss

Kirsi Forss

GIS Specialist & Consultant
+358 50 320 5337
Sophie Kirschner

Sophie Kirschner

Software Developer
+358 50 304 4299
Veera Helle

Veera Helle

Representative DACH
+41 786 484 642
Andy Matias

Andy Matias

Sales and Marketing Support

Our story


Maptionnaire was born when a group of urban planning researchers and professionals based in Helsinki discovered an emerging problem: there was an increasing need for city planners to engage the public and to get real input from local residents. However, the methods in use at the time were not enough for taking people’s opinions into account in a large-scale and actionable form.

When cities began to contact us about our work with SoftGIS — the use of opinions and subjective data in GIS applications — it became apparent that there was a greater demand for our solutions than what could be offered through university projects. Our company, Mapita, was founded in 2011 to provide a platform for anyone to create their own map-based surveys. Since then, Anna and Maarit, leaders of the Maptionnaire team, have worked to finalize their doctoral studies and to further the Maptionnaire service and its team.

All of us at Mapita are passionate about helping people to engage with and influence the future of their surroundings. We strive to help city planners make better places for everyone to live in. After our eventful fledgling years, the Maptionnaire team has grown to a group of diverse and talented individuals from a range of backgrounds and nationalities. Our goal is to make Maptionnaire the best and most recognized digital public participation tool across the globe. We do so in close cooperation with our fabulous customer base, including innovative researchers and determined urban planners who wish to improve the practices of planning and public participation.


 Jochgem Gunneman


Hague, Netherlands

Wyko Coopman


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Zebralog GmbH & Co

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Berlin, Germany

Nuno Lavrador

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Coimbra, Portugal

Tree Company

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Kaleidoscope Nordic

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