Maptionnaire subscription packages

Start creating your own map-based questionnaire, or let us to do it for you.


Cities & Local Governments

We help you reach more people with fewer resources

You can engage in better dialogue with residents & get projects approved faster

You will get insightful GIS-based data gathered ready made to use in your projects

Consultancy Firms

We offer a unique approach to working with spatial matters

You can get quick results with the built-in analysis tool

Get the most from a cost-efficient participatory process

Marketing Communications Agencies

You can easily communicate with the stakeholders and generate public discussion around built environment questions

Be able to increase engagement through visually appealing design

You can apply your own visual branding

Why meets where

It is okay to be different. If you don’t fit into the previous boxes, contact us. Maptionnaire is for everyone who wants to ask the question “where”.


Always included
Our brilliant editor with versatile question types
Cloud-based, no-fuzz setup
Built-in data analysis tool
Support for all devices


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Educational and Academic Use

Maptionnaire is a leading PPGIS research tool used by universities and research institutes from all over the world.

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