Residents of Port Louis help their city to develop further

Following the initiation of several urban regeneration projects in Port Louis, Mauritius’s government decided to ensure the social sustainability of their programs by deploying the country’s first extensive public consultation to learn how citizens perceive the capital to be now and in the future.

The State Land Development Company and Syntheses Mauritius took on the task and designed a broad public engagement campaign that used, for example, face-to-face meetings, social media, videos, and radio to begin a discussion with residents. The most important part of their campaign to generate and collect resident input was the launch of a Maptionnaire survey for people to map their own Port Louis.

Using Maptionnaire, residents had the chance to define their favorite places in the city, areas that need improvement, and their wishes about urban change over the coming years. Asking questions on a map made it possible for the public to answer precisely and, at the same time, planners received easily sensible insight using Maptionnaire’s analytic capabilities.

Almost 6,000 residents shared their vision during the public engagement campaign and the results will be used to guide Port Louis’s upcoming urban regeneration projects.

“The opinion of citizens is essential to the social development of the community, but this is still very vague in Mauritius.” explains Victor Genestar in his blog post for Porlwi, “The My Port Louis questionnaire was a great solution to it. Every citizen had a say in the questionnaire!”

The survey results can be accessed through this link, the file is in English.