Maptionnaire Student Ambassador Program

The enthusiasm students from all over the world express when they discover Maptionnaire and apply it to their projects brings a lot of joy to us working with Maptionnaire. Although we’ve continuously connected with students interested in PPGIS and learned a lot from their projects, the interaction has been rather informal. Now we are turning a new page. We’ve launched the Maptionnaire Student Ambassador program with the objective of providing a more sustainable channel for interacting with the PPGIS student community and connecting them with the experts in the field.

What is the Maptionnaire Student Ambassador program?

The Maptionnaire Ambassador program is an exclusive opportunity for university students to have access to professional development in the field of Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) and network with experts. Each attendee will have the chance to learn about experiences and best practices in PPGIS, and, ultimately, apply their knowledge and skills to benefit their own communities. The Ambassador Program is our initiative to bring together like-minded students to collaborate in solving societal challenges with the help of participatory mapping.

How does it work?

The program is a platform for sharing knowledge and developing professionally in the fields of public participation, GIS Science, and urban planning. The program will consist of three main elements: working online, sharing knowledge locally, and working together in Helsinki. The Ambassadors will be engaged with periodical online webinars supported by an external network of experts, organizing small-scale events at their university, and be invited to a workshop and global PPGIS conference in Helsinki. In addition and if applicable, all Ambassadors will have the opportunity to use Maptionnaire in their own research or similar participatory mapping project.

The program will begin in January 2019 with 12 master’s and PhD students from 12 European universities.

Program’s timeline

Program’s timeline

The benefits of joining the program:

  • Exclusive lectures and support by PPGIS experts

  • Access to a network of professionals and students

  • Invitation to a workshop held in Helsinki (more information on this later) and to attend the largest PPGIS conference in the world in June 2019 in Helsinki

  • The opportunity to use Maptionnaire for own projects, e.g. thesis research

  • The possibility to start an internship with Maptionnaire at the end of the program

What is expected from the Ambassadors?

  • Participation in regular online meetups / training sessions

  • Willingness to reach out to fellow students and members of the faculty for sharing knowledge about PPGIS and Maptionnaire

  • Organizing workshops or other events to facilitate the knowledge-sharing

  • Writing a blog post or creating a video to reflect on the activities

  • Periodical communication with the Ambassador program coordinator

If you have any questions regarding the program or are interested in joining, please send an email to


Happy Mapping!

The Maptionnaire team